Air Fryer Chocolate Lava Cakes

Today, we have a truly irresistible treat in store for you: Air Fryer Chocolate Lava Cakes. Get ready to experience a dessert that combines the rich, velvety smoothness of chocolate with a warm, gooey center that will leave you craving more.

Air fryers have become a game-changer in the kitchen, revolutionizing the way we cook and allowing us to create a wide range of dishes with ease. While they are often associated with savory delights like crispy fries and perfectly grilled meats, we're here to show you that air fryers can work wonders when it comes to creating indulgent desserts as well.

In this recipe, we take the classic chocolate lava cake and give it a modern twist by using the air fryer to achieve that perfect balance of a delicately baked exterior and a molten, chocolatey center. The result is a dessert that is not only incredibly delicious but also incredibly convenient to make. 


1/2 cup unsalted butter

4 ounces dark chocolate, chopped

2 large eggs

2 large egg yolks

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Pinch of salt

Powdered sugar for dusting

Fresh berries and mint leaves for garnish (optional)


Preheat your air fryer to 350°F (175°C).

In a microwave-safe bowl, add the butter and dark chocolate. Microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring in between, until melted and smooth. Set aside to cool slightly.

In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs, egg yolks, and granulated sugar until well combined.

Gradually pour the melted chocolate mixture into the egg mixture while whisking continuously.

Add the all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, and salt to the batter. Stir until the ingredients are fully incorporated and the batter becomes smooth.

Grease four ramekins with butter or cooking spray and divide the batter equally among them.

Place the filled ramekins in the preheated air fryer basket, making sure they are not touching the sides.

Cook the lava cakes in the air fryer for 8 minutes. The centers should be slightly jiggly when done.

Carefully remove the ramekins from the air fryer using oven mitts or tongs. Let them cool for a few minutes.

Gently run a knife around the edges of each cake to loosen them. Invert the ramekins onto serving plates, tapping the bottoms if needed, to release the cakes.

Dust the tops of the cakes with powdered sugar using a fine-mesh sieve.

Serve the air fryer chocolate lava cakes warm. You can garnish them with fresh berries and mint leaves, if desired.


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